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12/28/11 Wednesday


Ok, its time for a RANT! Why, oh Why, do girls wear their pajama bottoms out, to Wal Mart to go shopping..NOT just bottoms, but they wear fuzzy slippers. Now i would pass this off, but last night I saw no less than 7 people. They weren't in a group and they were in different departments! Will someone help me with this please!! There should be a website for this..Not people of walmart. It should have its own site. Hmmmm Maybe i should start one! Ok, I'm done with that! Tomorrow, i get drunk on the air, to show you how easy it is for you to reach a .08 (the legal limit) . This is to remind you to designate a driver for new years! Oh ya I get to drink on the job!! Ha! I am a happy drunk, I can't stop laughing. And you will definately be able to tell. I think i'm going with beer to drink, its easy!! See ya tomorrow!

Here is Karmin!!



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