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1-24-12 Tuesday


I am so pumped, we have APP's!!! You can get yours over at the "connect with us page". If you have an android or iphone. It's easy! Lots of other stuff going on here at the station , just listen for your chance to win everyday! were good like that! ha! I have been to best buy like 2 twice this week to visit the 60 inch Flat screen led TV that i want..its awesome!! And Damn That Jen, she has been getting me into the Twlight Saga. I understand now. But what i didnt know is that they Twlight trivia..why not? they have trivia for everything. The All American Rejects have a new tune out call Beekeeper's Daughter. Ok ok, just for the record i LOVE the Rejects. They are awesome. Since there isn't an offical video yet...Lets see a litle something below!



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